New Product Alert: Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid



Thanks to, I received this complimentary in one of their coveted “VoxBoxes” to sample. I was a bit skeptical at first, as my skin is unusually sensitive. When cleaning my face, I used a bar of soap and that is it. Thankfully, my skin does fine without a smorgasbord of products. However, I was excited when it came with a contouring tool, so I had to give it a shot. Ladies, I’m telling you, I did not regret it one bit. It was like a mini-massage for my face. The tool also assists in getting into tough spots around the eyes, without getting product in your eyes.The scent is not overbearing and the cleanser is not thick. It is a lightweight product for your face that will not overwhelm your skin. After washing to product off, my face felt so soft and refreshed. I have been using the product for several weeks now, every other night, and I have not had any issues with breaking out or dryness of the skin. Give this product a shot if you are not especially fond of slathering a bunch of different products on your face. This tool and cleanser does the job of many!

You can purchase your own here:


<a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;


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