Book review: Crash by Lisa McMann

I am an avid teen fiction reader and just finished a fantastic fantasy/supernatural novel called Crash by Lisa McMann. Lisa McMann is a brilliant author as I am a big fan of her Waker serious, as well as stand-alone titles like Cryer’s Cross and Dead to You. Guys, seriously, she’s fantastic if you like the supernatural genre. I gobble her books up as soon as they come out. Anyways, the book begins with the female protagonist, Jules, who lives with her family above their restaurant. Her family’s Italian restaurant rivals a fellow Italian family, which includes her dream boy, Sawyer. Jules starts to have visions that a crash is happening. She sees the visions on billboards and during movies and television shows. They develop throughout the novel and she finds that Sawyer is one of the people involved in the crash. While Crash progresses, we see the determined Jules fight through the boundaries of the family rivalry to save the guy she loves. The only thing that mildly annoyed me throughout the novel is that Jules would say “Oh my dog” instead of “Oh my god.” I’m not really sure why it perturbed me so but I wanted to reach into the book and slap the girl each time it was said in the novel. Perhaps the author has a biff with religion, who knows? However, I still loved the book.  This star-crossed lover tale is brilliant but sadly, ends on a cliffhanger. ” Overall, I give this book a 8/10. It is going to be extremely difficult to wait until October to find out what happens in Jules’ and Sawyer’s journey.


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